Saturday, March 23, 2019

Metacognition of consciousness is silent.

The fact that people can carry on with their live without any apparent hindrance, even when thy lack a well developed metacognition of their conscious state, gives us some clues, if any, of its functional significance. 

For example, if you lack vision, there would be some consequences in your life. However, if you lack metacognition of consciousness, it would appear that you can carry on with your life without any apparent troubles, even exhibiting great intellect. It would appear that intellect, for the most part, does not significantly correlate with the metacognition of consciousness.

Contrary to cognitive traits such as vision and audition, it appears that the metacognition of consciousness plays little, if any, role in the daily carrying out of our cognitive tasks. There is an enigma here.

In this sense, metacognitive aspects of consciousness would seem to belong to the silent functions within the spectrum of functions in the brain. This is the cause for some confusions when we discuss the nature of consciousness, as people tend to tacitly assume that there is a unified, coherent understanding of consciousness.


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