Thursday, July 19, 2007

The origin of non-locality in consciousness

Lecture Records

Ken Mogi
The origin of non-locality in consciousness

Quantum Consciousness conference.
18th July 2007
University of Salzburg, Austria

Lecture followed by questions and answers.

sound file(MP3, 27.2MB, 30 minutes)

Department of Natural Sciences, University of Salzburg.


Blogger Brendan Bombaci said...

...the mp3 file is not working; I would like to hear this lecture! I just began a new blog, entitled "Divide By 7," and have a blog for you to read regarding consciousness (if you would):

In terms of non-locality in consciousness -- isn't it safe to say that particle-wave interactions are constantly in flux, or rather, that the M-state of all matter is, and that in as such, any non-local treatment of our own neural systems is as chaotic as anything in quantum mechanics? I would not vest any determination that there is a static, or formulated/patternized, manipulation of our consciousness via remote sources. Unless, perhaps, one believes in a Grand Architect who pulls our very srings...

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